Athlete Denim 2.0

Athlete Denim


Welcome to our latest generation of Athlete Denim. Our game-changing Athlete Denim have subtly evolved, making them even better in every way.

Our athletic fit jeans are still custom-made in the UK.

Athlete Denim 2.0 have evolved in the following ways:

  1. Improved Fit - Our jeans always had generous sizing through the seat and thighs and tapered fit from the knee down. However we have tinkered the sizing on the 32" and 34" waist, adding even more room in the thigh and seat areas, ensuring an even better fit. 
  2. More Sizes- with 38" waist now available, in both 'long' and extra-long', we now have the 2nd Row'ers out there covered.
  3. Functionality & Comfort - our jeans move with you and always have. This range benefits from a superior fabric which gives even more stretch than the original Athlete Denim. Move and function freely.

Upgrade your jeans today!


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Fitting Guide

Measure around your waist where your waistband sits, on the hipbones. 

TIP:- if you don't have a tailors tape to hand, use a piece of string and then hold it against your tape measure to get an accurate measurement.

The jeans are designed to accommodate a large seat and thighs. Get the waist size right and the rest will follow. 

Athlete Denim Waist 32 34 36
Your Waist 31-34 34-36 36-39

Regular length 31 inseam / Long length 33 inseam

All sizes in inches.

Our athletic fit denim are designed to be best fitting and most comfortable possible jeans for muscular legs. The stretch fabric construction means that after a few hours of wearing the jeans will mould to your body shape. The days of 'sizing-up' are over: We therefore recommend that if you are caught between two sizes, err on the smaller size, as the jeans will stretch as you wear them where you need them to.

Free, Bespoke Fitting Advice

If you are unsure what sizes to order, just drop us an email to with the measurements above. To allow the most accurate advice possible, attach a picture of yourself from the waist down. We aim to respond the day we receive your message.