Do I have to be built like Arnie for Athlete Denim to fit me?

    Absolutely not. Yes, we are made for the fuller figure, but this is achieved largely through the stretch construction, as well as some extra room in the 'rear' and thighs. If you don't like wearing skinny fit jeans, give us a try. If they don't fit how you like them, you can send them back for free! 


    Will you be adding more products that fit my muscular legs?

      Yes. We know that those of us who have worked hard for strong legs are ignored by all mainstream clothing brands. We fill that gap. Subscribe for updates on new products, such as board shorts, chino shorts, cargo shorts and chinos, as well as new styles of denim. If you would like us to make something else, please email us at info@AthleteDenim.com. If we use your idea we will send you two pairs of the final product for free. 


        How can I be sure that my Athlete Clothing will fit?

        Please consult our comprehensive Fitting Guide and follow the guidelines. If, for whatever reason, you don't end up with perfectly fitting clothing, just use our free returns service. We can either refund you or send you a different size; up to you. Unfortunately we cannot accept returns of underwear. 


        Where are your products made? 

        All of our clothes are made right here in the UK, with the exception of our underwear which is made in Turkey.  


        Why don't you make jeans in 'short' length? 

        Unfortunately, every size iteration means a separate run for our manufacturers. If we make for every length, it will push prices up significantly. Therefore we have removed the short option, as it is the least popular. A local tailor will shorten them to your exact length if required. 


        My jeans are a bit tight, should I go up a size? 

        If your jeans feel a little bit neat, wear them for an hour or so before making a final decision that they are too small. The stretch fabric construction of our jeans means that they are extremely comfortable to wear. It also means that they should be on the neat side to start with and then your body will shape them as you wear them.

        Of course, if you still feel they are too tight then by all means take advantage of our no-quibble returns & exchange policy and send them back.


        We think Athlete Denim is incredible and would like to help you sell more. Are you interested?  

        We are always keen to hear from potential Athlete Denim Ambassadors. Please contact us if you think you have what it takes. 

        Fitting Guide

        Measure around your waist where your waistband sits, on the hipbones. 

        TIP:- if you don't have a tailors tape to hand, use a piece of string and then hold it against your tape measure to get an accurate measurement.

        The jeans are designed to accommodate a large seat and thighs. Get the waist size right and the rest will follow. 

        Athlete Denim Waist 32 34 36
        Your Waist 31-34 34-36 36-39

        Regular length 31 inseam / Long length 33 inseam

        All sizes in inches.

        Our athletic fit denim are designed to be best fitting and most comfortable possible jeans for muscular legs. The stretch fabric construction means that after a few hours of wearing the jeans will mould to your body shape. The days of 'sizing-up' are over: We therefore recommend that if you are caught between two sizes, err on the smaller size, as the jeans will stretch as you wear them where you need them to.

        Free, Bespoke Fitting Advice

        If you are unsure what sizes to order, just drop us an email to info@athletedenim.com with the measurements above. To allow the most accurate advice possible, attach a picture of yourself from the waist down. We aim to respond the day we receive your message.