Launch Day

16 hours. That is how long it has been since we officially launched, and it has been a bit of whirlwind since then.  

What I didn’t appreciate before I started building the website and setting up social media (I am completely new to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and marvel at my peers who seem to be omniscient) was the level of detail that is readily available from the data: Since late last night we have had over 300 visitors to the site, including 5 in the US and 2 in Spain. Our Facebook page has reached over 3,000 people and Twitter is non-stop. Any engagement we have with our audience is great and we really appreciate people taking the time to come and have a look at our website and hopefully give us a try.

Unsurprisingly in this day and age, over 75% of website views have been on mobile devices, which shows how important it is to have a responsive website. By far the most common browser used is Safari, followed by Chrome. When it comes to Facebook, over 95% of views are on mobile devices.

There is a vast resource of data available at one’s fingertips, which will help us make strategic decisions down the line, once we can see real trends developing.

The very clear message so far is that there is a tangible desire for a female range. ‘Squat booty’ is on the rise, along with the ascendance of CrossFit and healthy living in general. We will listen and endeavour to deliver the products that you want ladies!

Pertinacity will be key and these are very early days. We want to gradually grow the product range and build a core of repeat customers who consider us their one-stop-shop for clothing.

Thanks to everyone who has visited so far. Please do sign up to our newsletter so that we can keep you updated of new products and also send you a 15% discount code.

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