Athlete Denim Fit Comparison With Levi's 508

One shop that actively promotes an 'athletic fit' denim is good old Levi's.

Whilst we love their products and the quality of their denim, we spent many frustrating hours trying to squeeze in to their latest offerings for the man with big thighs.

Their current range promotes the 508, which promises generous space around the thighs, and then tapering in from the knee down. So far so good.

However as soon as my leg got half way in I knee they were not my saviour. the 34" were dangerously tight - you could count the change in my pocket - whilst the 36" accommodated my legs, but were baggy round the waist.

Lovely jeans, but the same old problem of fit.

So we decided to measure them up so that they could be compared to Athlete Denim to give you an idea of where the extra room is applied. The results speak for themselves.

In addition to the extra room for gluteus and quads, Athlete Denim utilise stretch cotton fabric, so they move with you.


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